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At DeNoia, Tambasco and Germann Attorneys at Law, we strive to provide dedicated service to our clients in Toms River and throughout the state of New Jersey. We provide a wide range of services from personal injury law to family law, corporate law, estate planning, and more. Your case is as important to us as it is to you, and we fight hard to protect your rights and deliver the verdict that you deserve.

Our goal is to treat every case with compassion, care, and patience. We are devoted to not only serving you as your lawyer and representative, but as an advocate and resource for you throughout the duration of your case. It is our mission to earn your trust and deliver peace of mind to you through our commitment to excellent representation. We set out to build lasting relationships with our clients, so that you continue to trust us to represent you and assist you with all of your legal needs.

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40 Years of Experience

DeNoia, Tambasco & Germann Attorneys at Law have been offering legal services to the citizens of New Jersey since 1983. We have extensive experience with New Jersey law and with providing first-class client services, and we will use our wealth of experience and knowledge to strive to deliver you the best possible outcome for your case.

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Practice Areas

Our attorneys are experienced in a variety of practice areas. Whether you have been injured in an accident, are planning for the future, or are the owner of a business, our attorneys can assist you. We serve clients on matters concerning personal injury law, family law, medical malpractice, wrongful termination, estate planning, real estate law, municipal law, and corporate law. If you are unsure if your case falls under one of these categories, contact our team today to discuss your needs.


We are not just New Jersey attorneys. We are also New Jersey residents. Toms River is our home and we aim to serve our neighbors through diligent legal representation. Our relationships with our clients and community are of the utmost importance to us, and we aim to build relationships that last. Your case is not just a number. We understand the emotional toll legal proceedings can take and our goal is to ease that burden through resolving your matter quickly.

Attorney Profiles


Thomas DeNoia has lived in New Jersey his entire life, where he received his Bachelor’s Degree from Seton Hall University and his law degree from Rutgers University School of Law. Thomas has clerked at the New Jersey Superior Court, practiced in the office of the New Jersey Attorney General, and worked for one of the most distinguished defense firms in the state. In 1983, he founded DeNoia, Tambasco & Germann Attorneys at Law, and he continues to represent Toms River and New Jersey residents today, with more than 40 years of experience.


Specializing in divorce and family law, Catherine Tambasco received her bachelor’s degree at Georgian Court College and her law degree at Seton Hall University. She has worked as a social worker for the Division of Youth and Family Services, a Law Clerk in the Ocean County Superior Court, and now as a partner at DeNoia, Tambasco & Germann Attorneys at Law. Catherine’s background as a social worker is important to her, and she strives to go above and beyond in her legal services, providing her clients with empathetic representation and empowering clients during a difficult time.


G. John Germann was born and raised in New Jersey, graduating from Seton Hall University and the Seton Hall University School of Law. Afterwards, he worked in a rotating judicial cleship in the Ocean County Superior Court. Mr. Germann joined DeNoia, Tambasco & Germann Attorneys at Law in 1996, and his practice today focuses on family law, as well as civil litigation, workers’ compensation, domestic violence and Municipal Court representations. He is licensed to practice in the state of New Jersey, the Federal District Court, the Third Circuit of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court.

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Practice Areas

Family Law

We assist our clients with a wide range of family law matters including divorce proceedings, custody arrangements, post-judgement filings, mediation services, alimony and child support agreements, domestic violence disputes, equitable distribution, and prenuptial agreements. Our services include legal guidance, filing motions, offering support in court, and more. We understand the special sensitivity and importance that comes with family law cases, and our attorneys strive to provide dedicated legal and emotional support on these matters.

Personal Injury

Personal injury law refers to cases where someone has suffered an injury, often due to the negligence or misconduct of a third party. Personal injury cases can include car accidents, slip and falls, construction and workplace accidents, medical malpractice, wrongful death, dog bites, and more. An important consideration of personal injury law is proving liability in the at-fault party in order to seek compensation for your losses.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is a specific type of personal injury case where an injury occurs due to the negligence or misconduct of a doctor or medical professional. Medical professionals must uphold a certain standard of care for their patient, and when a failure to uphold this standard results in an injury for the patient, they have the right to seek compensation. Common examples of medical malpractice are misdiagnoses, errors in prescription of medication, surgical errors, and failures to provide adequate care or aftercare of a patient.

Wrongful Termination

If you have been wrongfully terminated or have faced harassment, discrimination, or misconduct at work, our attorneys can assist you. Worker rights to fair treatment and pay are heavily protected. In a case where they are violated, our attorneys will fight hard to procure justice for our clients.

Estate Planning

Planning for the future of your family is an important consideration for anyone. Enlisting the assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable attorney is crucial in ensuring that all legal requirements are followed and that you are taking the best possible path forward for you and your family. Our estate planning services include assistance with wills, trusts, probate, tax strategies, power of attorney, and more.

Real Estate Law

Our firm has experience offering legal services for purchases, sales, and refinancing of business in New Jersey. We can assist with reviewing contracts, counseling on important decisions, and representing and advocating for you every step of the way. Our real estate attorneys can assist with real estate law matters including adverse possession, determining of land ownership, creation or termination of easements, creation and termination of licenses, and litigation surrounding breached real estate contracts.

Municipal Law

Municipal law includes cases like motor vehicle violations and traffic tickets, parking tickets, shoplifting, trespassing, disorderly conduct, and property/ neighbor disputes. Our attorneys assist individuals with minor criminal violations in a town or municipality. If you have a case and are unsure if it falls under the umbrella of municipal law, contact us today.

Corporate Law

We can assist with many different matters related to corporate law including the formation of a corporation or business and the legal operations of a business. Our services include, but are not limited to drafting contracts and legal documents, negotiating deals, business entity formation, business structure consulting, trademark registration, and regulatory compliance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Compensation in a personal injury case varies from case to case based on the unique details of your accident and injuries. Typically, compensation includes payment for losses such as medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering. Other losses specific to your accident and injuries may be recovered in a personal injury settlement or lawsuit. New Jersey practices a system known as comparative negligence, meaning that if the plaintiff is found to be more than 50% responsible for the accident, they cannot recover damages. Our attorneys will fight to prove the true source of negligence in your case and procure the maximum amount of compensation you deserve.

Our attorneys are experienced in proving fault in car accidents and building cases that seek to recover the full and fair amount of compensation our clients are owed. In a car accident, the person whose negligence or misconduct directly or indirectly caused the accident is identified as the at-fault party. If a driver involved in the accident is driving recklessly, driving under the influence, or violates a traffic law, they are likely at fault for the accident. We will investigate your accident and gather evidence like photographs and videos, eyewitness testimony, and police reports. Our attorneys will work tirelessly to prove who the at-fault party is and establish that they are liable for your injuries and losses.

In a New Jersey divorce case, child custody is decided by a negotiated agreement between the parents of the children or in a decision made by the judge. As it is often in the best interest of the children and the parents, a custody agreement is usually arranged between the parents themselves. It is important to consider an arrangement that is beneficial not only to you and your ex-partner but most importantly to the well-being of the children. Our attorneys understand how difficult a divorce case can be on a family, and we strive to offer legal counsel that will result in the best possible outcome for all parties. We know that your children are an invaluable part of your life, and we will work hard to ensure that they remain a significant part of it, even in the aftermath of divorce.

An experienced real estate attorney can be an invaluable aid in assisting with a residential real estate closing. In New Jersey, you are not required by law to have an attorney for a residential real estate closing, but there are many reasons why retaining an attorney is still the smart choice. If a legal problem arises in the process of closing on the property, it is often too late to retain an attorney. Hiring an attorney from the beginning of the process allows the attorney to counsel you every step of the way, ensuring that all documents are in order and offer informed legal aid and representation. Our real estate attorneys are dedicated to assisting you throughout your real estate transaction and working hard to make the process as quick and painless for you as possible.

Our estate planning attorneys are well-versed in creating, maintaining, and updating wills. Ensuring that your will is written and executed exactly as you have planned is crucial for ensuring that your future and the future of your family is prepared for according to your wishes. Our attorneys can assist you with making decisions on which aspects of estate planning make sense for your family. From drafting a will, to creating a living trust, to setting up power of attorney. Our compassionate attorneys understand this can be a difficult topic to discuss, but can provide a great deal of peace of mind once completed.