Family law matters can be complicated cases, which is why we suggest contacting a Brick, NJ family lawyer for support. If you are going through a child custody battle, divorce, or other family law situation, then you need a legal team who knows what to do. At DeNoia, Tambasco & Germann Attorneys at Law, we can provide you with reliable guidance that gets you through some of the most difficult times in life. We can assist you through every stage of the legal process while advocating for your behalf. Our team has extensive knowledge and experience handling family law cases. We use our empathy and strategy alike to yield desired outcomes for our clients. 


Divorce can bring out the worst in people, especially if the divorce was not agreed upon by both parties. During a divorce, people can quickly become vengeful or uncooperative so that it makes the situation harder for the other person. The spouses will have to reach an agreement over debt and asset division, child custody, alimony, and more. If they are unable to do so on their own, then they will need to attend family court. Due to how contentious a divorce can be, we always suggest contacting us for help as soon as you know this is the path your marriage is going. 

Child Custody

Parents must remember that their children will also be going through the impacts of a divorce as well. Parents must refrain from using their children to get back at the other. When parents cannot agree on child custody and visitation, then a court judge will create and enforce an arrangement for them. The judge will be focused on what is in the best interest for the child’s health and wellbeing. If you are wanting to hold custody of your child, then your Brick family lawyer can get you prepared to show your best self at the hearing. 


Spousal support, otherwise called alimony, is a court ordered payment arrangement where one spouse has to help pay for the other’s monthly living expenses. When possible, alimony allows each spouse to continue having the lifestyle they had during the marriage. If you and your spouse are employed and have similar incomes, then the court is unlikely to see the necessity for alimony. In the state of New Jersey, there is no set equation or formula for determining the amount of alimony, but the law allows for it when circumstances deem appropriate. 

Help For Family Law Cases

Going through a divorce may not be easy, but it becomes more manageable when you have a dedicated team on your side. At DeNoia, Tambasco & Germann Attorneys at Law, we understand the stress you may be under at this time. After all, your life may be changing in ways that you had not ever imagined. If you would like support for a family law matter, such as divorce, child custody, alimony, or something else, we are only a phone call or email away. A Brick family lawyer is ready to assist you.