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motorcycle accident lawyer Toms River NJ writing on a piece of paper while sitting at a desk wearing a button down shirtIf you’ve recently been injured in a motorcycle crash, you’ll want to speak with an experienced Toms River, NJ motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as you possibly can. Although such ideas are uninformed, far too many judges, jury members, and insurance representatives exhibit bias when it comes to motorcycle riders and bikers. By connecting with the capable legal team at DeNoia Tambasco & Germann, Attorneys at Law, both you and your case will be treated with the respect and consideration that each deserves. We understand how to overcome biases within the legal system to get our clients access to the compensation that is rightfully theirs.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer – Toms River, NJ

Depending upon the circumstances that led to your motorcycle accident, you may be in a strong position to seek compensation from those who caused or contributed to the cause(s) of your harm. Before we can evaluate the potential value of your case, we’ll need to assess what caused your crash and who can be held legally accountable for the harm you’ve suffered.

Causation and Fault

Our Toms River motorcycle accident lawyer team thoroughly and objectively investigates the circumstances of every crash case that we handle. As a result, we’ll assess your circumstances in a detail-oriented, personalized way. This approach will allow us to accurately determine why your bike crashed and who – if anyone – may be held legally and financially responsible for the harm resulting from the crash.

Some bikers and motorcycle riders hesitate to explore their legal options because they’re concerned that they’re partially to blame for what happened to them. It’s important to understand that, in New Jersey, you won’t be barred from seeking compensation from other partially-responsible parties unless you are assigned more than 50% of the blame for what happened to you. Meaning, if you are partially responsible for your injurious circumstances but it’s determined that you are less than 50% at fault for them, you’ll remain empowered to sue other responsible parties for compensation. Depending upon what led to your crash, you may be in a position to name another traveler, a manufacturer of defective motorcycle parts, or even a government agency as a defendant in your lawsuit.

Injuries and Motorcycle Accidents

It’s true that injuries will vary depending on the type of accident you are in. The types and severity of your injuries are the results of how the accident happened, who you were in the accident with, your reflexes, and what kind of protective gear you were wearing at the time. That said, even the safest motorcycle riders in a minor accident can still come out much worse than those in other motor vehicle accidents. If you were riding your motorcycle and another vehicle injured you, it is important to speak with a trusted motorcycle accident lawyer to determine what kind of compensation you are eligible for. 

What are the common types of motorcycle accident injuries? 

If you were injured while riding your motorcycle, you might be dealing with one injury or many injuries. Some of the common types of injuries you can sustain in this type of accident are:


  • Road rash. It is extremely common for bikers to fly off of their bike and slide across the road or even become pinned under their motorcycle and slide across the road. This can cause road rash. While road rash may sound like the least severe of all injuries, it can actually be so serious it is disfiguring. Road rash can cause you to lose layers of skin and may mean you are looking at plastic surgery in the future. 
  • Broken bones. Whether you ran directly into another vehicle or were tossed off your motorcycle and hit the ground, broken and fractured bones are common. This could mean a broken leg, a broken arm, or something more serious, like a broken neck or back. Broken bones can mean a lengthy recovery and you may need surgery to permanently install screws or pins so that your bones can set appropriately. 
  • Spinal cord injuries. If your spinal cord is damaged during a motorcycle accident, you may find that this accident is completely life-changing. Even a “minor” spinal cord injury could mean surgery, years of physical therapy, and long-term pain. On the other hand, a spinal cord injury could also mean being paralyzed or dealing with permanent restrictions on the way you move or get around. This not only affects your ability to work, but also your quality of life. 
  • Traumatic brain injuries. With a traumatic brain injury, this is something that can affect you short-term while you are waiting for healing to occur, or it can mean you have permanent issues with things like your memory, your ability to focus on tasks, or even a complete personality change. Traumatic brain injuries can affect you in the short term but they may also cause lasting damage to your professional and personal life. 

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It is crucial that you get the help you need when you have suffered from injuries after a motorcycle accident. We believe in holding the liable party responsible for the damage they have done. Call us to schedule your appointment with us now.

Legal Assistance Is Available

As a motorcycle rider or biker, you face unjustified prejudices and stereotypes. Make sure that you work with a law firm that is going to do its utmost to not only combat these misconceptions, but also to highlight why you uniquely deserve the compensation you’re seeking in the wake of your crash. At DeNoia Tambasco & Germann, Attorneys at Law, we have a deep and abiding respect for motorcycle riders and bikers. Speaking to you about your legal case and helping you to make informed decisions about your options would be our honor.

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