Common Reasons Why Divorce Happens

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Common Reasons Why Divorce Happens

Divorce is difficult, and while no one marries with the intention of getting divorced later on, sometimes it becomes necessary. Several reasons exist for why divorce happens, and this guide will explore these reasons in more depth:


  1. Money Issues

The sad fact is that many marriage problems stem from money issues. The fact is, that for more Americans, trying to afford rent and everyday necessities is becoming harder. In a marriage, there can also be financial disagreements between spouses, ranging from spending habits to financial ambitions, like investments. A spouse can also lose a job, leading to further financial strains.


  1. Marital Infidelity

Marital infidelity can has many causes and often there isn’t one factor. For example, a spouse may feel that they’re not getting enough attention or that their own sex life is becoming tedious. Couples can also grow apart as a person’s lifestyle, attitude, or belief system changes. Some spouses may cheat out of anger, such as often one or several fights over the years. Other times a friendship with a coworker can unexpectedly blossom into something else. While marriage infidelity is sometimes fixable, many spouses find they’re unable to move on.


  1. Differences in Belief Systems, Values, or Lifestyles

For many couples, opposites attract, but there comes a time when differences in values, lifestyles, or belief systems can drive two people apart. These differences may have already existed before two people get married or can happen later on in life. For example, religious differences prior to marriage or a spouse developing radically different political beliefs later on in a marriage. These differences don’t drive apart all couples, but for many couples, they can. Sometimes, divorces due to differences like lifestyles and belief systems can be more amicable, but not always.


  1. Communication Issues

For any relationship, communication is necessary, whether you’re helping a coworker finish a project or trying to keep the love going strong in a marriage. We typically picture miscommunication in a marriage being a couple getting into a shouting match or a spouse being passive aggressive. However, miscommunication can also be a person remaining silent about what they want or issues that bother them until these problems escalate into worse feelings. Even when a couple tries to communicate better, different communication styles can lead to misunderstandings, resulting in further fights.


  1. A Spouse Exhibiting Bad Behavior

A spouse dealing with drugs or alcohol addictions, gambling addictions, engaging in illegal activitiy, or abuse can call for a divorce. For addictions, having a spouse get the help they need can be a solution, but it’s not a person’s responsibility to make a spouse change. Addiction can lead to a spouse making bad choices and can affect their ability to be a partner or parent. Abuse of any kind shouldn’t be tolerated, especially when children are directly or indirectly involved. Unfortunately, dealing with abuse in a marriage often calls for working with a Fairfax divorce lawyer—something our friends at May Law, LLP agree with.