Examples Of Common Bike Accident

bicycle accident attorneyIn a crash between a bicyclist and motor vehicle, the vehicle will always win. Bicyclists are particularly vulnerable as Road users and are at the highest risk of serious injury in the event of an accident. Even If a bicyclist uses a helmet and other gear, they can’t sustain life threatening injuries if struck by a vehicle. As a bicycle accident attorney explains, some examples of common bike accident injuries can include road rash, broken bones, brain injuries, internal organs damage, and more. 

Traumatic Brain Injury
One of the leading causes of death for injured bicyclists is traumatic brain injuries. Bicyclists may sustain damage to their brain without having any visible injury to their head, such as the concussion or closed head injury. There are many symptoms associated with a traumatic brain injury, including mood swings, memory loss, emotional changes, nausea, vomiting, relentless headaches, sleeping too much or too little, and interrupted bodily function.

Bodily Trauma
Most bicyclists will sustain trauma to the musculoskeletal system and soft tissues after a collision. The bicyclist may have been hit on the back wheel, resulting in whiplash to their neck. By comparison, a biker who is hit on their side may have a broken leg or knee injury. Bicyclists who try to brace for a fall after being hit may break their wrists or hands, or dislocate their shoulder when hitting the pavement. Other trauma such as internal bleeding or broken ribs can occur. 

Back Injuries
Bicyclists who are hit with immense force may fall off their bike and roll or land on their backs, causing injury to their spinal column. Severe trauma to the back and neck may result in damage to the spinal cord and herniated discs. A bicyclist may need long-term medical treatment or rehabilitation in order to recover from their injuries. Some bicyclists may not return to the health they were before, and may need compensation for lifetime support and medical equipment to live comfortably.

There are many factors that can increase the chances of a bike accident turning fatal, including distracted driving, speeding, unsafe road conditions, and alcohol use.  Family members of someone who passed away in a bike accident can bring forward a lawsuit against the at-fault driver for financial damages and in honor of their loved one taken too soon. With help from a law firm that handles wrongful death cases, the family at the very least can get a sense of justice in the matter, even though it won’t bring their loved one back. 


Bicycle accident injuries can be severe and may affect the bicyclist for the rest of their life. Those who have been struck by a vehicle while sharing the road must receive medical attention immediately so that the above injuries or others can receive treatment right away. All in all, in the aftermath of a bike accident, riders should prioritize their health. Do not delay in getting medical care, and consider recruiting help from a legal team for compensation.