Important Evidence In A Truck Accident Case

Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents can result in severe property damage and injuries. If you have been injured in a truck accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages and other losses. However, in order to obtain fair compensation, you must have sufficient evidence. An experienced truck accident lawyer can investigate the accident and help you obtain evidence.

Here are important pieces of evidence you need in a truck accident case.

Black Box Data

A commercial truck’s black box data is a device that allows trucking companies to know what their drivers are doing at all times. It can show things like speed and direction of travel when the accident occurred. If the driver was driving above the speed limit at the time of the crash, the device will show that. Therefore, it is important to obtain the truck’s black box data for your records.

Your lawyer can send a preservation by evidence letter to the trucking company and then file a lawsuit to get permission to download the information in the box.

Cargo and Maintenance Records

Trucking companies are responsible for maintaining their trucks and making sure their loads are the proper weight. If they fail to do this and an accident happens because of it, they can be held liable. Your lawyer can obtain records demonstrating that the truck was properly maintained and that the cargo was loaded correctly.

Hours of Service Logs

Federal law allows truck drives to drive no more than 11 consecutive hours after 10 consecutive hours off duty. However, that does not mean that all truck drivers follow this rule. They may be under a lot of pressure to deliver goods on time and stay on the road longer. Unfortunately, this can cause fatigue, increasing the chances of an accident. The legal professionals at Therman Law Offices, LTD can help you obtain the truck driver’s log to determine if he or she was driving for too long.

Hiring and Supervision Records

Trucking companies have a duty to ensure that their drivers are trained and qualified to be on the road. Unfortunately, not all trucking companies take this seriously. They may fail to hire a trained driver or may not supervise them properly. For example, let’s say that trucking companies never let go of a driver who had a history of drunk driving. Then, that same driver hit your vehicle due to being intoxicated. In this situation, the trucking company may be held responsible. That is why it is important to obtain the hiring and supervision records.

Witness Statements

If there were witnesses present when the truck accident occurred, do not forget to get their full names and contact information. They can corroborate your story and strengthen your claim. For example, they may have noticed that the truck driver was swerving in and out of lanes before the crash occurred.

If you want to file a truck accident claim, you should schedule a consultation with an accident lawyer to discuss your case.