Misconceptions About Going Through Divorce

Divorce Lawyer

There are many things that can become an issue if you choose to file for divorce without the presence of an experienced and skilled lawyer to guide you throughout the process. Many clients who experience divorce have a much stressful experience because of the amount of paperwork and tasks that need to be done. As a seasoned divorce lawyer can tell you, like one from AttorneyBernie.com, separating the facts from the myths about divorce will allow you to have a much smoother experience. Here are some of the most common misconceptions about divorce that you should be aware of. 

You will need to go through court 

Many people assume that they will need to go to court in order to end their divorce. However, in the majority of divorce cases, they often end in settlement. Most of the time both parties are able to reach agreements so that they can avoid going to the hassle of court. Divorce cases only go to trial in particular cases. If an agreement cannot be reached or if there are other disputes that prevent a settlement from occurring, then a divorce case will go to trial. 

Your assets will be equally distributed 

How assets in a divorce are divided depend on state laws. There are both community property and separate property states. Since California is known as a community property state, there is no legal requirement that demands divorce must result in equal distribution of assets. If you would like to learn about your options concerning how you can best protect your assets and ensure that you are able to recover a fair share, you can speak to a lawyer about your situation. They will find ways to help you so you can receive a fair deal. 

It will take a long time to complete

It is a common misconception that divorce takes many years to complete. However, the process can be done fairly quickly if you make the right preparations and discuss your needs with a lawyer so that your divorce can be finalized as efficiently as possible. It is possible to end a divorce in just a few months, but be sure to talk to a lawyer to understand the best way to do so. 

There are no other alternatives

Rather than dissolving a divorce in a traditional way, there are other ways to formally end a marriage. Mediation and arbitration are other methods that married couples decide to dissolve their marriage. When you opt for mediation, you can have a third party listen to both you and your spouse about your needs, and they will determine solutions that you can consider. Unlike traditional divorce, 

Whether you want to finalize your divorce or need legal assistance exploring other options, consulting with a lawyer who handles divorce cases regularly is highly recommended. If you want to have the highest chance of receiving a fair settlement, discussing your case with a lawyer who has handled a variety of divorce cases is your best chance. Don’t wait to contact a divorce lawyer if you are seeking personalized legal services.